Zenzu Spa Abu Dhabi

Take a step into complete seduction of your senses, where time is left at our door and you begin the journey of sensory heaven. Capture the aroma, experience the power of touch enlighten the flavors, meditate to the sounds, and see the difference.

Zenzu DEALS !

Awaken your inner emotions, release the tension from your mind, body, and soul, and encapsulate yourself into unadulterated indulgence of your senses! This is how ZenZu Spa emerges you into opulence, relaxation, balance, vitality, and harmony.

Take time to recharge & dial +971 2 6268800 Ext 1007
1st Floor The Eclipse Boutique Suites Abu Dhabi
Liwa Street [Next to Khalifa Street]
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates