Events coming soon to Abu Dhabi...

ZayedNational Museum

The Zayed National Museum will honor the late leader of the UAE, H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and will provide a new source of inspiration to the world. The museum will provide a fitting testament to the life and times of this towering national figure, to his inspired vision and to the legacy he left behind. Given the institution's central location and overarching importance, twelve of the world's top architectural firms participated in a competition to create the most appropriate and awe-inspiring design for this modern Arabian icon. The Pritzker Prize winning Foster + Partners were declared winners, and their iconic design will soon be unveiled to the world.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi

The Louvre Abu Dhabi will be a fine art museum whose purpose and scope are universal. It will present paintings, drawings, sculptures, manuscripts, archaeological findings, decorative arts—created and collected from all over the world. The museum will be designed for the 21st century and dedicated to the people living in, or visiting the Emirates. The galleries will showcase a dialogue between art from different civilizations and cultures from around the world.

The Maritime Museum

Housed on the shoreline of Saadiyat Island's Marina District is this elegant homage to the UAE's proud seafaring history: The Maritime Museum. Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Tadao Ando, the dramatic building provides a meeting point of land and sea, as well as the traditions of yesterday and tomorrow. The Maritime Museum is an exploration of the local population's long relationship with the sea. Surrounded by water, and featuring life-size reconstructions of traditional dhows, as well as an underwater aquarium, the museum physically and psychologically imposes the impressive power of the Gulf's waters upon its visitors. The building's reflective surface visually blends sea and land, while its ship-like interior features floating decks that guide visitors through the exhibition space.

The Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Museum

The Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Museum is conceived as a dynamic institution devoted to the acquisition and display of modern and contemporary art, recognized for the excellence of its architecture, collections, exhibitions, and educational initiatives. It will promote the understanding and appreciation of art, architecture, and other manifestations of visual culture from a broadly international perspective, while sustaining the heritage of its local environment.